Artist Statement

Working with clay is one of many ways and journeys. It is such a special feeling to be working with clay in harmony with all the elements, water, air and fire, all so important to the pottery making process. To me, the true beauty of a handmade pot comes from the impossibility of creating another one exactly the same. It is important to me to provide everyday objects with purpose and beauty and to reject the single use/throwaway culture people have become accustomed to. I hope for people to connect with my work and to enjoy and care for the pieces and include them in their daily lives, from the special occasions to the quiet reflective moments spent sipping from a mug of coffee or tea.

Lindsay Marr creates wheelthrown stoneware pottery in her studio in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Working in stoneware and porcelain, pieces are high fired for durability and feature lead free, food safes glazes. Traditional methods meet a modern aesthetic and an ongoing desire to create new and exciting glazes for her work. Lindsay has attended courses at Haliburton School of Art and Design and Pewabic Education Studio in Detroit, Michigan. Her work has been featured in Our Homes Magazine and is sold in retail shops and galleries. You can find Four Eleven Pottery mugs being enjoyed by customers of many businesses such as coffee shops, brew pubs and bakeries.